Spocom Hawaii 2012

SPOCOM! I did a good job covering the event this past weekend. I tried to cover 2011 spocom but it just didn’t work out as I expected due to my camera acting up. This year I did a better job. I just got back from a very big dinner with my family so let’s hope I don’t fall asleep on the keyboard while I type this. Anyway, lets dive into the photos…

My brother and I got to the Blaisdel Exhibition hall right at the beginning of the show, 5pm. The first thing I notice is this very beautiful Porsche sitting right infront of the entrance.  I’m loving the simplicity

I looked over to my right and I spotted the homies!! First person I talked to that night was the homie Kyle Kawada of the Limitless crew. The first pic of the night was Kyle’s 350z. It probably gets annoying to hear “it needs a drop” all the time haha. We are always ragging on the homie that he needs to lower it a bit and he should have! It’s all good though. It’s still a beautiful machine sitting on gold Work VSXX’s. Right next to Kyle was Keanu. Also part of the Limitless squad.

Surprisingly Keanu got this car together in one short week. Paint and rims got redone the night before the show. Be sure to keep checking back here because i’m going to have a shoot with Keanu soon.

Another good friend of mine. Richard Li’s Subaru WRX. This car has came a long way! I remember when he first bought it and it was just plain Jane. Richard did a good job modifying his car and the hardwork payed off due to him taking home first place in the Subaru Category. Congrats buddy!

This caught my eye. It’s a pretty wild looking evo. He goes by the name “Lemonade” haha.

Leaf Racing Evo’s

JS4KIX/Freelance Booth

Team BMW of Hawaii

Team Mansu EG dumped on SSR MK1’s. Sorry about the pic… a little blurry

The homie Brandon Cadavona’s Lexus LS400 reppin Team Mansu!

Chass and Courtney’s Evo at the Team Showcase/Car Audio Evolution booth along with a few other Team Showcase members.

This has to be my favorite out of all the cars. Being a Honda head, this one really got me. This thing is so clean! Mugen everywhere. EK4 SiR on widened Mugen M7’s. Loving the UKDM clear fogs, sidemarkers and UKDM intersection lights

LS Automotive CRX

Sessions VIP car’s

Sexii Munkii Garage took home Best Crew of Show. Wasn’t surprised. SMG always comes out with a lot of high caliber vehicles to every show! Props.

After the SMG cars, I headed over to the center and spotted JR’s K20 Turbo Hatch that was recently featured in this months Super Street Magazine.

I then looked to the left of this and there was this 240sx fast back with what I think to be an R32 front end conversion. This thing is serious business! It has an RB26 swap with a huge turbo! Straight missile!

Spotted the Speed Zone Racing crew. They always come hard with the Honda’s. This one is for you Gearld! R.I.P. Buddy. Nesto’s Integra

Travis Harada’s KBREAK XB. This thing is soooo wild!

With the whole low offset trend going on, it’s so nice to see at least some keeping the simple look of wheels that fit.

Turned my head and noticed this EM2. I looked at it and thought why it looked so familiar. Then it hit me as I was looking around. This car isn’t from this island. It’s from the Island of Kauai! Sick to see he shipped it here just for the show. Check out his build thread here

His Spoon Sports signatured K-series valve cover

Next to the Civic surprised me! A real deal R34 Skyline Sedan from Europe.

Al’s Hachiroku

Jeffery Soriano’s Hachiroku

Patrick’s TSX


Barry’s S14 Sittin at the Drive Energy Drink booth reppin the the drink logo along with the matching TE37’s

Racesauce car’s

The world famous Hyper Drift Squad!! What’s a car show without RC Drifting? haha

The night ended with the bikini contest (which I missed. FUCK!) GoGo Dancing and the award ceremony but I didn’t stay for that. This year’s spocom was awesome! Got to see some new and some old cars. Glad I got to successfully cover this years show. The next event should be Ultimate Showdown on the 21’st of July 2012 so keep ya eyes peeled for that. I’ma close this post with the dancers. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did, Aloha!


6 thoughts on “Spocom Hawaii 2012

  1. Awesome coverage of the show! Thanks for taking the time out and taking some pics of our cars!! Just to clarify one is an original right hand drive 200sx w/ a R32 GTR front & rear body conversion, which will be completed shortly for Formula Drift ProAm in Vegas. The other is an original right hand drive r34 from Japan that we picked up in New Zealand.

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