The Smurf’s: Richard and Dylan’s Subaru WRX’s


Well here it is! The Smurf’s. For veteran followers of my blog you all might remember me posting Dylan and Richard’s Subaru’s multiple times. For some that don’t remember click here for Dylan’s WRX prior to its little make over. click here for Richard’s Subie before it’s overly impressive make over. Dylan and I always wanted to get him and Richard’s Subaru’s together for a shoot but Richard never lets anyone shoot his car haha. I’m actually quite honored. He’s always keepin secrets from everyone and always being sneaky with the next mod and such. Dylan on the other hand did some pretty simple modification. Keeping it simple and clean and it worked pretty well. I know by speaking with one another that they are far from done with their Subaru’s. I’ll be sure to give it another or a better shoot when they are done.

We met up on a early Monday evening. Richard texted me earlier in the day and wanted me to shoot his car that night. I didn’t hesitate and hopped on the opportunity because this is such a rare chance! Anyway, I couldn’t figure out a location so I ended up taking photos at the Costco in town and the Home Depot across the street. It wasn’t the best shoot I did and I wish I could cover these 2 cars better but factors like being a Monday night, rain and cops stopped me from having a shoot I had planned. It didn’t stop me from taking photos though. I did what I could and I got what I got. Here is what happened that night.

The two sitting really nice on matching color matching wheels.

Hate to say it but those are the only photos I have with them sitting together. Richard had to bounce pretty early so I just shot individual photos of his car that night really quickly.

Honestly I never did understand the black gas tank cover. IMO it would look 10x better with it color matched. It’s not my car and I can’t tell him how to build it. It’s not really a big issue but its just a bit more easy on the eye. A good feeling always comes in me everytime I see Richard take this beast out. It’s so nice to see it evolve over the years. I myself have seen many stages of this car and to finally see it near the way he wants it makes me proud of him. I know the work and dedication he has put in this car and I applaud him for that. Good job homie! But it is a proven fact that he isn’t done with this beast. Be sure to check back in the near future for an updated look. I can guarantee that.

Another one I have seen evolve over the years is Dylan Carvalho’s Subaru. I got the Smurf title from him as his WRX goes by “Papa Smurff”. Fits in with the World Rally Blue color. From the day he dropped it to the STI wheels to now.

Pretty killer how Dylan decides to pick up a set of wheels as he finds out he is going to be a father soon. I wanna give a shoutout to Dylan and Abriana! Congrats on the baby and I wish you guys a bright future!

Sitting really nice on the Hyper Black Rota Grids, 18×9.5 +38. I know a lot of hate will pour in for having replica wheels on a pretty high caliber vehicle but hey man, what can you do? If the owner likes it, then he likes it. Also, not everyone has the right funds to have a baller set of “real” rims. It’s not like any of them are putting their wheels on any major stress so it’s fine. Just do you haters!

Last picture i’m sharing with you folks. Dylan repping the Hawaii Forced Induction (HI-FI) squad hard!! These guys are a pretty popular group of enthusiast here in Hawaii with a pretty sick arsenal of Force Induced vehicles. I’ve got to say, it was a great time hanging out with old friends. Nothing like talking about each others rides and having some laughs. I really wish I did get more coverage of the cars together but people have other priorities to attend to. Dylan himself isn’t done with the car and I know it. With the baby on the way the plans for the Subaru might take a little longer but for sure in the future you’ll see more and BETTER coverage of this along with Richard Li’s WRX. Tanks guys!! Speed Safe 🙂


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