JSPIRIT Presents: The United Royals

Just a few months ago my Instagram feed was blowing up with United Royal’s flyers. Jspirit also tagged me in one of the photos. I thought it was going to be a sick event to check out and it sure was. It all went down this past Sunday at the Central Oahu Regional Park in Waipio. I got up pretty early that Sunday to wash my car and pick up some food for the grill that Kai bought. If some of you follow my Instagram, then you know what I did that morning. For those that don’t… oh well, It wasn’t that exciting. We didn’t even eat all the food haha. Just drank all the drinks. Anywhooo… I got down to the Waipio Costco with the rest of the SFS guys so we all could squad up and roll in together at CORP. By the time we got there all the parking spots were already filled and we had to drive around a few times till a few of the team members got to find some spots to park. We got to post up near the JSPIRIT booth near the entrance… and this is where my coverage begins.

I know the photos came out pretty shitty. There was just too much sun out, it was hot, too much people walking around and I was hungry. Some photos come out darker than the others mainly because of the shift in sunlight through out the day. Not too sure how many people will see this post but if you do see it and I didn’t snap a flick of your car, I am truly sorry. I know I didn’t get a chance to snap a photo of everyone’s cars but it doesn’t mean I didn’t notice it. I tried to get everyone but there was just too much people and it was a bit crowded. By the time it cleared up people already left and it was too late. But props to who ever came out! There were some nice rides. Some cars I haven’t seen before.

I’m starting off with photos of the fellow SFS team members. Here’s Alex’s FCRX7 with a 1JGTE swap.

Byron’s boosted Z32.

Dub’s real deal Harlequin. If you don’t know about this car, then you’re probably trippin out on why it’s just a big bunch of colors. But if you do some homework, you’ll get it.

Team SFS member Teppi’s Porsche.

Shingo aka SFSxSHINGO’s Audi S4.

Wing Ho’s R35. Team SFS.

My Integra. Some reason Kai parked somewhere else and I couldn’t find his G. Ohh wells. On to the rest of the cars there…

Blaine’s S14. Looking good on the white Varrstoens.

The ever so infamous Mikal Soriano’s Hilux on the Work Meister’s.

Beautiful bimmer on te37’s parked up infront of the Area Fifty booth.

Akira Garage boosted EG Hatch on Work Equip 01.


Area Fifty Ryan’s NSX.

Section-D Al’s Hachiroku.

Barry’s 350Z on Work Meister’s.

Brad’s S14

Hien Le’s EE Wagon.

Miss Airess’s bagged Accord from Revision Audio.

Another Accord from Revision Audio.

Travis Harada’s XB

Jarreth Arengo’s IS300

Caught this TSX on Bronze TE37’s leaving.

Along with it’s twin on Mugen MF10’s.

Koshi’s Civic Coupe on Work Meister’s.

I really liked this EF sedan on those “banana” style XXR’s.

One of my favorite old school wagons here. This cressida wagon.

Caught  Devin from the Team Sleep squad rolling in with his newly acquired FRS. Some may know Devin form his previous vw rabbit build.

Ethan Sakagawa’s S13 coupe on FN01C’s. Always liked this 240.

Lon also part of Team Sleep rolled in with his K20 Turbo Midori hatch on Advans. He popped the hood later on that day and had people drooling all over the bay.

Keanu also out with his newly acquired 240. You might know him from his previous IS300 on FN01’s.

My really good friend Scott Chingon’s recent buy. This Hachiroku on SSR’s.

Raymond’s coupe

Justin’s 8th gen Civic on FN’s

Walked over to another tent and saw Bryan’s freshly painted EF Hatch. I’m not gonna lie, it might not look like much but it’s super clean and i’m jealous. I think I have to pick one of these up after I get done building the teg’s motor.

Along with Bryan was the homie Blaine’s civic coupe rocking the #fortheratchets hashtag sticker.

Dylan Carvalho’s Subaru WRX. This car has come a long way and it was nice seeing it all polished up at the meet.

Snapped a pic of “SZR Thug Nasty” rolling in with his Integra

Caught this FRS rolling in.

VQ Inc had a lot of nice rides posted at the meet also.

From what I heard this IS300 is rocking JP’s old Advan’s that came off his PY Integra Type R

People really love their Work Meister’s

Caught this clean baby blue 240 rolling in. People also love their FN’s haha

Spotted Winpaul’s clean ferio on BBS’s.

Next to it is the homie Jerome’s clean DA

Clean XB reppin the Lower Standards along with the rest of the group that was parked in that row.

Caught a snap of the SZR EG rolling in.

Snapped more pics of more cars rolling in. Check out this Forester.

Spotted the homie Larosa rolling in with his Prelude!

As I was walking back around to my car I spotted Jarin Kitishima’s TSX on Work Emotion XD9’s from Team Limitless.

Finally got back to the side with the team and guess who showed up! Haha Richard Li in his Subaru WRX. At this point I already got lazy to snap the last row of car’s. I just sat down and enjoyed some burgers that Teppei was cooking up. Again i’m sorry if I missed your car. But it for sure was not overlooked.

The one and only Turbo JR of Racing Pretty. 600+ hp K20 Turbo civic hatch on Volk TE37’s.

In conclusion it was just a very chill Sunday afternoon. Got to enjoy company with good friends. Got to enjoy good food and most importantly got to enjoy looking at some really well rounded builds. It most definitely was a good turn out and I want to thank JSPIRIT for getting it all together. I want to close out this really long post with a shot of Lance’s Hachiroku. See ya’ll next time!!


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