Strictly-S: December End Of The World Truck Cruise

Since the so called “end of the world” is near… everyone seems to be trippin! Shooting up schools and theaters. It’s crazy how people believe in that stuff. Strictly-S mini truck club thought it would be cool to set up an END OF THE WORLD cruise to close out the year. If the world really does end… atleast I can say I enjoyed an awesome sunday with really cool truckers.

I don’t have a truck so I got to ride shotgun with Mikal. The first stop was Shrimp Shack out in the North Shore. On the way there, we saw some pretty crazy action. Haha check out this lifted yota kicking up dirt and having a blast!

I’m don’t own a truck and i’m not as educated as these guys here. I really do enjoy seeing modified trucks and all my props go out to them. With that said, we met up at the shrimp shack and from here on… i’ma let the pictures do the talking.

Jon Damo aka SMOOD_1 parked up with fellow 808Intricate buddies.

Mikal’s “buff walk”

Clean X-Runner on Volk TE-37’s

Crazy air and train horn set up.

Hawaii is definitely on the map when it comes to the mini trucking scene.

Trucks trucks trucks! Big and small. All came out to enjoy a Sunday afternoon cruise through the country side.

People decided to stunt.

Then our best friends showed up!

Christian got smashed for doing a burnout haha. I feel bad, cuz I told him to do it too 😦 sorry

back on the road! I know the title is cruise but I didn’t take pics along the drive. I was busy recording video for Mikal… you know what that means? Obviously a video. Stay tuned. I’ll post it up here when he’s done.

Shoutouts to Strictly-S truck club for throwing a smood end of the year cruise! (see what I did there Jon? lol)


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