Jon Yo’s Nissan 240sx

Glad I got to snap some flicks of the homie Jon’s S14. I got word that he was leaving in a few days so I had to drop everything and hop on the opportunity. Despite the rainy weather this week, it held up pretty fine this afternoon. Although… we did get attacked by an army of mosquito’s. Anyhow, this s14 caught my attention a while ago when it was on the polished CR Kai’s. I actually got a close up look at it at a Sunday night meet at Cherry On Top in Pearl City. By that time he had these really yummy looking BBS LM’s. It’s a different shade of blue from the car. The color combo takes some getting used to but its nothing crazy like fluorescent colors ( No offense though Mikal) haha.

Let’s move onto the photos:

People are a really big fan of the “Kouki” style front and can’t wait to switch over. I give props to Jon for sticking with the Zenki style. Also sticking with the stock body line is another nice thing to see as everyone likes to go crazy with body kits and all sorts of extreme areo. Don’t get me wrong… it looks super nice too but its nice to see something that’s so simple but yet so effective. No crazy wings and zipties. Simplicity is key.

The Greddy CF lip is a nice touch.

BBS LM’s in 17×9 +22 all around.

Another thing I absolutely love about this S14 is how it isn’t trendy. Being how the scene is now, it’s nice to see something done right like this zenki. No fucked up fenders, ridiculous camber, and a plethora of stickers everywhere. The functional ride height on the Tein Super Drift suspension really give Jon the opportunity to open up the SR20DET powerplant on the s14 without the oil pan or transmission getting smashed in.

Always rep your squad! Either here or up in the mainland. Glad you took the time to hang out and kick it today. Thanks for letting me shoot some pics. Haha sorry about the quick miss-communication today. It was fun and go back and work hard in school! Hope we get to kick it or someshit before you actually do leave. Most likely will but anyway… enjoy the last few pics!


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