Productive Day

Usually on my day off I like to just mope around the house eat some food and sleep. Lazy? Yeah…. very lazy. Some people may have noticed but for those who haven’t… the lip on my car is ready to fall off. It’s been hanging for a while now. Just a few nights ago a few of my friends noticed my bumper was sagging! I was like wow, this car looks like a complete POS. So I took the time on my day off to head down to the Gravel Garage to fix up my bumper. My bolts weren’t even holding it together on the drivers side! I also got rid of the lip. It looks so high now haha. Aside from that, I got to help Mikal install his new flywheel and throttle body. If you follow us on Instagram, you all know his truck has been down for about a month or so now, going onto 2. He has transmission issues and needs all the help he’s gunna need.  Here’s some shots taken by Mikal’s galaxy s3…

A little after noon we decided to head down to the junkyard so I could pick up a new lip for my whip. Couldn’t find anything. I decided to part ways with Mikal for the day so I can get home and give my car a nice bath. It was raining for the past few days and it sat outside in it. The fun began at night when Kobatake san gave us a call about him installing his first molding lip! In excitement, we got int the hoopdie and headed down to his crib. Again, thank Mikal for his Galaxsy S3 coverage… lol

All I got to say is that this lip is pretty wild! On Trey’s car, it hangs real low and looks ridiculous. But he’s the only civic here with this lip on. So kudo’s for you buddy…

First Molding Japan’s intent in this lip is to satisfy track drivers in Japan. It might not be appealing to the eye but I bet it does help when in a circuit race. People might complain that it’s too low and it’s just another way of achieving that “low style” but no it’s not. Trey is just trying to be different in his own unique style. The lip hangs that low because the car’s they are supposed to go on isn’t supposed to be that hammered anyway. Trey intends to lift the car in the future in hopes of not breaking the lip in half and to achieve a proper stance.


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