Garage JS4KIX

The day started out pretty early. At 10am I headed down to Mikal’s house to get some stuff done to my car. Then at noon or so, our friends from Japan came over to hang out. A few days prior, Mikal had met up with his Japanese connections. Though Mikal is really all into the mini truck game, these fellow truck enthusiast from Japan didn’t hesitate to give Mikal some props that he deserves. Yoshinori Hoshino is a pretty well known lifted truck enthusiast in Japan. He has 2 lifted trucks and runs a shop in Japan called Local Auto. They visit Hawaii often and is inspired by our culture. Surprises me because its reverse in Japan. We are interested in what they are doing and they are interested in what we are doing. Anywho, Yoshi san and his friends Wataru Hasegawa and Sherato Kazukai came through the crib to check out what was going on.

They enjoyed looking at my Integra, the Hilux and the Hachiroku but I felt that it wasn’t enough. Since they had to leave the next day, I decided to give the homie Gary Ganotisi over at JS4KIX Garage a call. We asked if it was alright for us to bring down our new Japanese friends for a visit! He said we are welcome. Once we had got there, they instantly started enjoying everything.

Trust me, it was very hard to have a steady conversation with these guys because they know little to no english. But I don’t blame them. I felt bad a little because I know they really had a lot to say, but just didn’t know how to project it. Yoshino had his translator on his Iphone out so it made things a little easier. One day i’ll learn Japanese and we would all be on the same page. Here’s Gary showing Yoshino san some trucks that he has owned.

Trey Kobatake, my local Japanese friend. hahahaha

While the visitors were on a tour of the shop, I decided to snap some photo’s my self. This is Gary’s 240 just sitting in the corners of the shop. He has Nissan’s everywhere.

Another one of Gary’s cars just sitting in the shop.

Another 240sx that Gary has. With the aggressive fitment and stickers, You can see that it’s a show car but I have no doubts that Gary can get this thing sideways. Some that dont know, Gary competes in the Vegas Pro-am series and has had many success. But due to him buying a house this year, he will be delayed on some stuff. Family always comes first!

Gary specializes in Wheels/Tires, Paint, and just recently got into Street Wear. Gary has a store right upstairs of the garage called Showroom Hi for people to pick up his own street wear brand JS4KIX and also a few other street clothing products made by Freelance, IKandy and much more. He has a ton of new design’s coming out and will be sick once it’s finished. Check it out!
Also on Instagram: @showroomhi

In the printing room where Gary’s brand shirts get done at.

In the back lot where that Hachiroku coupe sits waiting to be built. Maybe i’ll help you sometime with it Gary! haha. Also these bumpers getting prepped for paint.

His passion in street art shows all around the shop.

Wataru Hasegara, Gary Ganotisi and his son, Yoshinori Hoshino and Sherato Kazuaki

Lets back tack for a bit and give a big Mahalo to our Japanese friends from Hitachinaka, Japan for coming over for a friendly visit. Also Mahalo for repping the JS4KIX lifestyle in Japan with the fresh shirts and lanyards Gary handed them. Me and Mikal would give a last Mahalo for the warm welcome and gift’s we have received from you!  We hope you come back soon! Aloha!

Local Auto! 3527 Higashiisikawa,
Hitachinaka- City,
Ibaraki 312-0052 Japan.
Phone: 090-3105-2109


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