Random Outing

Saturday started out kinda slow but in the late evening I got together with Trey and Daniel to shoot some photo’s at this pretty sweet spot outside of town.

Some might remember my trashy Accord lip with the stupid fitment but I got rid of that and it took its place in the trash. I got an OEM lip from the junkers and paint matched it at the Gravel Garage. Also got a chance to put the replica OEM hood bra made by lebra. I would have bought the real bra but it’s already hard enough to find and you can’t beat a $40 deal.

Trey also had the time to raise his car a bit because there was no way of driving around with the first molding lip. He spaced the front a little and i’m sure he’ll be fixing the camber in the rear in the near future.

One thing I enjoy about Trey’s build is that he’s always thinking up of way’s to be different. His car has come a long way but it’s obvious that it still has some to go. I think after the paint and body work, it’ll be one hell of a civic. We’ll see what’s in store later this year.

Excuse my dirty windshield haha.

I’ve been meaning to shoot DirtyDanz’s TL for a while now but I never really had the time to do so. He is also a busy guy with work and building his other project.

You all know Daniel aka  DirtyDanz  from all his other infamous builds like his old DA9’s and Turboed DB1. Which, I am much inspired by a lot. He really just picked this TL up for a nice clean daily driver but you’ll hear a lot from DirtyDanz this year because he’ll be debuting his Civic Si coupe that he has in the works for a while now. Stay tuned!


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