Daniel Domingcil’s 2000 EM1

The name should be very familiar to ya’ll! Dirty Danz is back with a fresh new build to kick off the 2013 year. If you know who Daniel is, then you should already know he can get down. His prior Integra builds have always been a pretty big inspiration to me, being the older Honda enthusiast that I am. He was always known for having some pretty sick 2nd Gen Integra builds thru out the years, and this time he decided to take a different route to avenge himself from his previous EK hatchback build that didn’t go to well… again if you knew Dan personally, you know what happened but I feel like that shouldn’t be discussed here because that’s not the point of this post.

Prior to the yellow paint job and wheels, Dan had already told me his plans for the car. I was super excited and now i’m finally blogging about this yellow beast. Daniel decided to go with the Phoenix Yellow, color from the USDM-JDM Integra  and Civic Type R. Different? Yes. It’s hard to be unique in the Honda community but Daniel had the right idea of trying to be different. Mikal Soriano also got to squeeze in a quick video… check it out.

What I really enjoy about this build is the way he did the things the way he did and the parts selection. The exterior and interior mods created such a timeless look to this car. Took me back to how cars were getting done back in like 2006. Everyone knows that the whole low offset trend is taking over, and you and me know that for a fact. Everyone wants that whole look of having 0 offset wheels with ridiculous camber and bent fenders. It’s not my style and I am not a fan of the whole scene, but as a real automotive enthusiast, I give props to people who do that kind of stuff. Respecting all kinds of modifications to vehicles all ties into being an enthusiast because we all share the same passion, modifying cars…

Daniel on the other hand kept it clean and simple with the Kosei K1 wheels and Spoon axle back exhaust. A look he created that would be given a lot of props from the older generation of Honda automotive tuning.

Air Walker Japan bumper.

S2K Push start and digital cluster.

Spoon Sports shift knob.

Closing out this post with a shot of the illuminated city lights on the Civic Type R headlights. Be sure to catch a glimpse of this build at wek’fest this weekend everyone! Aloha!


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