Woah! Whatsup everyone. Haven’t been on here for a minute but I do have a little update for you guys. Nothing crazy, just hanging out with the homies. I don’t got much to show but this is just to let you guys know that i’m still alive and kickin it. I have been way too busy over the past few months or so. Just landed a new job at the shop and it’s hectic. I got a lot to learn still and i’ve been way too tired after work to go out and do much. I did however have time today to clear my mind off a lot of things and get together with some friends to just chill and relax for a bit.

Supremacy Car Club had their annual yearly meet and I went to go check it out. There were  tons of sick cars from vip, to import to domestic and the best of all, the lowriders and hoppers. It was a great turn out and I didn’t take any photo’s. Mainly because I was lazy and I just wanted to walk around and talk with old friends. Got to see Sphoto, Sean Perez and Timmy Bantolina along with a few more familiar faces. We dipped out on the event early and headed west bound. Mikal wanted to snap some photo’s of Christian aka pimp_cee’s bagged Isuzu Pup. It wasn’t my photoshoot so I just decided to sidebust and snap away some behind the scenes type of stuff. Christian’s truck came a long way and it’s nice to see it get it’s own little photo op.

Sitting on the side is Windle aka _swindlizum’s miata so I took the chance to snap some photo’s of it.

The funny thing about this is that the skates is owned by Mikey G (mikeyfkngee) LOL

Closing out this short post with a photo of Mikey D ( @mikeezzy_ ) coming in hot.


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