SMG Day Cruise x Freelance BBQ

Some of you are probably like “FINALLY! SOMETHING NEW!” well… yeah. I’m back. I got a ton of photos to share with you guys this up coming week. I also have a ton of photo’s to share with you guys today. It’ll be a bit overwhelming to read and look at so i’ll try my best to not have you guys read so much. In today’s post there will be a lot of familiar and unfamiliar faces so just read carefully and follow the names along with the photos. It’s pouring rain outside right now here in Hawaii so i’m sure a lot of you guys are in doors haha

May 26, Sunday, The SMG fam held their day cruise which would take us half way around the island. The meet up was at Salt Lake Target and the cruise ended at Windward Mall. For some not familiar, a bunch of car enthusiast meet up in one location , converse for a while then go out for a drive with fellow car club members. The weather that day was superb! But our whips were dirty so we met up with the homie Richard Li at Platinum Auto in the early morning to get our cars washed. Like always… Richard’s Subaru is already clean. When is it not?

Brand new set of Work’s latest wheel production: Emotion CR Kiwami’s. Possibly the only set on the island at the moment… could be wrong.

Richard caught off guard.

Mikal was also there to freshen up the whip. As he recently got his air suspension system going in his truck.

The homie Henry being our car wash model of the day.

After the homies got their whips cleaned up a little bit we headed over to the first stop of the SMG cruise. The meet up spot was Target Roof Top out in Salt Lake. We were kinda early so people were still rolling in. First person I spotted was the homie Kyril! Pulling up in his 4 door civic.

Richard’s Subaru looking meaner than ever.

The Hilux brothers! Mikal and Jeff Soriano was there in attendance along with the Section-D fam as well! Looking mighty fine with the Work Meisters.

Pretty sad day for the homie Al Ramiscal. He smashed his sideskirt and bent the shit out of his Volk TE37 v’s. There’s two stories to this. 1, He came into the parking lot a little too early and rode right up the curb and 2, He was 3rd gear drifting and just got to wild. Let’s just stick to the 3rd gear drifting story. haha (inside joke)

Section-D John in his F20 swapped Hachiroku

SMG Subaru

The homie Aaron Osalvo came out to cruise too! He bought out his USDM ITR with a JDM front swap. It’s obvious that he got the car converted recently because of the mis matching body parts.

Team Kamikaze Miata

Low-Aspects Cress

Not many Supra’s in attendance that day but the few that did come out we’re just beautiful!

Nice and simple Z from the VQ Inc fam. Looking real nice on the Volk TE37 SL’s.

My current favorite VQ is Melo’s G35.

Sitting on nice VOLK RE30’s.

Clean newer gen Honda Accord on Work VSXX’s.

Couldn’t get a better shot of this Evo because there were too many people around. I know the car is currently for sale though!

SMG Lexus GS on Work VS-KF’s

Low-Aspect’s Infiniti

Scott Arakaki’s 350z

The location has changed. We left the parking lot and made our way out to Hawaii Kai boat Harbor. Here’s a G35 rocking mix-matched wheels.

The homie Brandon Kaneko came out to say whatsup.

The OG Street Illustrated EG hatch came out to play as well. Parked next to a clean red EG hatch.

A really low TC on those TE37 knock off rims.

Clean slammed IS300

Another Section-D member came along. This supra is so sick, sitting on a set of minty SSR Type F’s.

This is where my SMG cruise coverage ends. I didn’t go out on the whole thing to witness anything else. I heard some pretty crazy stuff about it but I decided to dip out early to head down to the Freelance BBQ going down at the shop.

The moment I arrived at the shop, I was welcomed by Gary Ganotisi’s G35 sitting right infront. Not to mention it’s static. Also it sports a set of Wed’s Kranze wheels in 18×11 -38 wheels. A little dirty because it’s been sitting at the shop for a while.

Richard actually took the camera away from me and took this picture haha. This point I was burn out from driving back and fourth all day and sitting in heat. So I gave the camera over to Richard and I sat to have a beer.

Probably 10 minutes after Richard took one picture, he gave the camera back to me and loaded the grill with hot dogs. Here’s master chief Li in action.

Back inside the shop, Mikal gets VIP parking right inside.

He was known for the meisters now he’s known for these crazy ass Boso tail pipes. Now if I could get him to make it shoot flames….

Mikal getting a photo in with Gary’s S13 drift car.

Outback I caught this snap of Gary getting down on some steak Wess cooked up!

Ain’t nothing like spending a hot Sunday afternoon drinking a beer and conversing with fellow car and art enthusiast.

Mikal Suave and Erika Arriba

Henry Suave

Mark rolled up outfront, walked in to say whatsup and went back outside to work on his FC RX7’s. Lol both are his.

The homie Christian Bautista rolled up infront and aired down.

don’t really take pictures of my car much. But yeah, here she is. Still looks the same.

Christian and Adrian Herrera of PL.Fifty Hi kickin it.

Wess and Gary.

Kiki fell inlove with Henry and Aja’s dog, Momo. Lol this little guy was picking fights with Erika’s dog.

Kevin and Chase.

Richard looking more lost than ever.

Kinda blurry… I think I was already at that point in time where you drink too much aclohol and things are kinda harder to do… but yeah shoutout to Duke for pulling off this last minute BBQ. It was awesome man! A lot of Mahalo goes out to the Freelance Fam and Gary Ganotisi for letting us have this small gathering. One of the better Sunday’s i’ve had in a while. Till next time guys! Aloha.


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