Motor Mavens: State of Stance “ALOWHA” Meet

I know a lot of you are already familiar with the Motor Mavens so i’m sure some of ya’ll might of heard about this event that was held at the Podium Raceway here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Just like Wek’Sos, Fatlace, Stance:Nation etc… The Motor Mavens crew got together on a beautiful day here in paradise and threw the “ALOWHA” meet.

As a respectful enthusiast, I try my best to make it out to the event’s as much as I can. Like a lot of things, I don’t have to. I don’t have to update this blog, I don’t have to take photos. But I do because I am a fellow automotive enthusiast like some of ya’ll that are reading this right this very moment. I’m always looking forward to seeing all different types of builds of today. The scene is very different from how it was back then but that’s just how it goes. Trends of all types come and go. I feel like every single event coverage I post on here, I seem to state that. I’m sure ya’ll are tired of hearing it. So in that matter, i’ma continue to the photos of the sick rides.

The location of choice was Podium raceway park. A lot of people complain about the drive being so far but it’s actually a very good place to have a little meet and greet. No speed bumps, no other traffic, and no hassle with not having a place to park because the lot is huge. The only concern is dumbasses causing havoc while leaving. It takes one person to ruin it for everyone. So please, at all event’s don’t act like a retard and be the dumbass that ruined it for the rest of your fellow enthusiast. Just have a good time at the meet. You don’t always have to flex…

This will be a very large update so be sure to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the rest of the post. Here we are starting my late afternoon entering the meet. First thing I did was walk into the actual go-cart track area inside and make my way out towards the back. It was a very hot afternoon and alot of my shots are probably under and or overexposed. Just bare with me. Oh and it’s also a late post. Late as in it’s 2am in the morning and I might be smashing out a lot of typo’s. Also late as in it’s been almost a week since the event. I’ve been way too busy.

Beautiful XB chillin under the shade with BBS wheels and Airrex Suspension.

Looked over to my right and had to snap some photo’s of my good friend Eddy Sabado’s FG2 Civic Coupe on Work Varianza T1S’s.

Evo 10 on Airrex Suspension

Genesis sitting on Work VS-XX’s

Lexus IS250 on Airrex Suspension. They had a nice display of vehicles at the meet. Always doing big thangs.

Possibly the cleanest Hachiroku i’ve seen in person in a long time Lance did an amazing job on this one.

Sessions GS

A pair of very nice looking 1st Gen GS300’s

No idea in the world why I don’t have a closer shot of the other GS but here’s one of them.

Leyton Kaloi’s hachiroku is coming along very nicely. He recently got his front end conversion done and got a set of SSR’s.

Brice’s old school Toyota. From what I remember, he runs a blog too as well.. but I just can’t remember at the moment.

Devin and Leyton

Devin Ando’s FRS

Sweet looking Porsche with a Circuit Soul sticker on the side.

All sorts of whips, new and old were in attendance that day.

Richard Li’s Subaru WRX on Work Wheels latest production wheel, Work CR Kiwami.

Gary Ganotisi’s G35 on super aggressive Wed’s Kranze wheels.

Jon from Section-D in his F20 turbo swapped Hachiroku.

Along with Jon was Al Ramiscal. Also part of the Section-D fam.

Al always cracks me up

Justin Reye’s 8th gen civic coupe. He also recently got his air suspension set up installed on his car.

A pair of clean Q45’s rolling in together.

I looked over at the homie JP rolled up in his USDM ITR with a JDM front conversion. This car is actually an S2000 Yellow and not Phoenix.

JP’s Interior.

The homie Jarreth Arengo parked deep with the rest of the IS300 crew.

The homie Ziggy’s IS300

The sun was going down slowly so it made it a perfect opportunity to continue to shoot the rest of the cars there. At some point of this post the photos will have some extreme sun flare, so i’m sorry in advance.

JonJon Macapagal’s Genesis.

All polished Work Equip 03’s on this EG

Troy Cabarallo’s sick mini truck.

Katsu and Scott

Epic lensflare shot with Scott Miyata’s H22 swapped Honda Accord.

Cedric’s Cressida.

Mikal Soriano’s Hilux on Work Meister’s. We actually made the work banner sticking out of his exhaust pipes at my house a few hours before the meet haha.

Mike’s IS250

Kel’s minitruck!

Spotted this LS430 arriving with the rest of the Empire VIP guys.

These guys know how to roll deep. Adrian Herrera’s G35

Team SFS President Shingo K’s Audi S4 on plastidipped Rotiform BLQ’s.

So refreshing to see Ryan Nolasco’s EJ1. Although the team name makes no sense at all, Ryan did build a very well executed Honda. Looking real timeless on the fitting Enkei RPF1’s and BYS front lip. I just love this car. It’s far apart from the trends.

Jerry’s VW!

Mr. Talagancrazy himself! Sorry Jerry lol

Adrian Herrera, owner of PL.Fifty Hi’s G35 aka G35US. Rolling super deep with the rest of the Empire VIP family.

Big bodied LS460 Ultra Lux.

Oldschool Datsun Wagon.

That’s about it for my coverage. It was a really relaxing Sunday. One of the better Sunday’s i’ve had in a long time. It’s event’s like this that make me wish I had already finished my car. It’s okay, i’ll be out in the next one. See ya’ll at the JSPIRIT Meet!!!


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