Aloha! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I’m excited to share with you guys my recent work. I’ve been talking to Adrian Herrera on and off for a bit now about shooting his G35 for my blog. We finally set up a day to set the car up and shoot some photos. On hand, I had Mikal Soriano with me by my side like the usual to have up some video coverage. He’s super busy at the moment, while landing the new job at Windward Honda, So it could be a while till he gets the video up. So i’ll just go right ahead and post what I had captured.

Adrian and I have been friends for a bit so it made it easier for me to shoot his car. Along with Mikal, it made it feel like we were just chillin and having a few beers like normal…. except, we didn’t have a few beers lol. We were however just kickin it and talking story about all kinds of stuff and the day flew by in no time.

Adrian is the owner of Paradise Living.50 Hawaii. He had a website going on a while back but he’s been pretty busy with his family and work that he hasn’t got the time to produce shirts like he wanted. So the site got shut down and will be back up very soon when he gets back to printing some fresh shit. Since he’s a homie, i’ll post up on here to update you guys on when he re-up’s on gear.

Some of you probably already drooled over this G35 since he debuted this set up at the Stance:Nation meet a while back. The gold dipped Leon Hardiritt Orden sets the car off. Simplicity is key, but when you mix it with originality, Adrian’s G would be the outcome.

Known by the very clever license plate “G35US”. Spelling “Jesus” for some that didn’t catch on.

With the “hellaflush” movement being so popular over the past few years, Mr. G35US himself is doing it right and is setting the standard for a lot of like wise platformed vehicles.

Rep your set! Rolling with Empire VIP. One of the heavy hitters in the VIP scene here on Oahu.

Adrian’s little dice set up along with his Via Air-Air Lift system in his trunk. Check the gold dice…

I’m happy that I got a chance to shoot photo’s of one of the heavy hitters in the game. Adrian is definitely doing things right and isn’t finished with this G35. He has big plans coming up for this car so stay tuned on my blog. Some already may have heard from JayAye but this car is actually going to land a spot in the US.VIP Magazine. So be sure to also cop that when it’s released. I’ma close out this post with some sick rolling shots at the bottom. Aloha guys!


3 thoughts on “G35US

  1. Love the wheels and the fitment on this G35!!! This one looks a lot like a friend of mine’s G35. It was one of the best handling cars I’ve ever driven…until he stanced it. But you pay to play, great lookin car and nice feature!! Well Done!! Look for a feature on my buddies white G35 on Driven soon. (http://dr1ven.wordpress.com/)

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