Mini Rant & Subaru Content

Ugh, another agonizing work week. I’ve been tired and getting shit straight lately for my Integra. I’ve had a pretty rough start this year but now I feel like i’m finally getting better. I feel like everything is getting better now and im pretty satisfied with how my life is going so far. From here, I can only hope for the best.

What has been bothering me lately though is the amount of trash that comes out of people’s mouth. What people don’t realize is the stupidity they behold when they like to trash talk about a group of individuals that is probably making more moves than the actual potty mouth shit talkers like themselves. I’m not trying to brag or anything but I know I can vouch for a certain group of individuals for some of this shit. I’m gunna try and not to get into detail about this or else people will get their panties in a twist, which they will but not like they’ll do anything anyway. Fake people will be fake people… and you know how it goes, they’ll act like they’re your friend right in front of your face and play the nice guy till they get home on the internet and all of a sudden become a thug. Don’t bark if you ain’t gon bite.

Also from what I remember, I had to work for my own shit. I busted my ass all through out high school to buy my car that I still own today. I still do work hard for the parts and repairs to found my piece of shit Integra that some probably have already seen. Shit I actually wish I was spoiled by my parents. Wish I could have my mom and dad buy me a brand new car and have them buy me aftermarket mods, so I can floss around car shows like a lazy, no job having fag. Sadly… the struggle is real. My parents and I were raised poor and I have been supporting myself since I was old enough to do so. I don’t hassle my mom and dad for any of the materialistic things like car parts or a damn ipod. I carry myself and will continue to do so for as long as I can.

You maybe wondering, “Damn, why is Germz bitching about all of this but has pictures of Richard Li’s Subaru WRX?”. Well i’ll tell you exactly why I have pictures of Richards WRX on here. I know this dude is a real hustler. He has been a long time friend of mine and has been a great supporter of what I do. He has helped me a ton over the years with things I had problems with. I can vouch for Richard. This man has been working since he was 8 years old. Many may have heard about Platinum Detailing on my blog numerious times because of how much I hang out there. He has been on that money grind since he was a little kid. Dude knows how to save his money and works hard out in the hot sun all day, busting his ass for shit he wants. The amount of work done to his Subaru is too much to bare. His car has come a long way since what I can remember and this is just something you have to appreciate because all of this was done with hard earned money. I’m not saying he’s the only one but he deserves a quick praise of his work. He isn’t done and is going to pursue this Subaru build.

Besides, Working hard for a mod and finally getting it into your hands is the greatest feeling ever. Noting compares to working hard for something and getting it. The feeling of earning something instead of having it handed down is incredible. Something, some of ya’ll probably don’t know how it feels. I appreciate the people who have supported me and the ones that continue to do so. I also wanna thank the people that have said negative comments about myself AND my car. It doesn’t bother me as much because it’s just fuel to my flame of motivation. I may sound like a complete dumbass, writing this out but I could care less. You can hate on me, my friends, my blog, my car or whatever but it doesn’t affect me. I continue to do my thing and I will try my best to accomplish goals that I have set for myself. People say I talk bad about them but I don’t spit nothing but the truth. I have friends that can vouch for me also. So… i’m closing out this stupid rant with more pictures of Richards Subaru. Sorry for the read, some probably don’t even care and just want to scroll through the photo’s. So go ahead and do so. It’s 5:30 am… Morning world.


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