Jspirit Presents: United Royals PT.II

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! A lot of you may have heard that the JSPIRIT meet was this past weekend and if you didn’t get to check it out, I should be able to help you out a little bit. For some that don’t know, this is the second annual United Royal’s meet that JSPIRIT has held for us. I got a chance to hang out with fellow automotive enthusiast this weekend at Waipio Central Oahu Reigonal Park and enjoy some food! No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I’ve heard some talk going on around lately that it was boring because it was just “the same cars as last year”. Well, if that’s what you’re gunna complain about then you shouldn’t have came. The purpose of this meet was to gather fellow import automotive enthusiast and have a nice Sunday afternoon around cars and BBQ. The meet didn’t technically have all the same cars. There were a few I haven’t seen from last years event. But there were a lot of familiar rides that shouldn’t be a surprise to a majority of ya’ll. The JSPIRIT staff work hard to pull off this event and spreading the word to everyone so please just appreciate what they have done for us.

Knowing how parking was last year, I decided to arrive early to the meet to land a spot to park. Although, my morning didn’t really go as well that day. For those who follow me on Instagram know what happened. For some that don’t… I got pulled over in the early A.M. with Henry to go wash our car’s. HPD totally fucked us up that morning but I still managed to make my way through to the event.

My objective for the day was to enjoy time with my friends as much as I could. I just wanted to relax since I already had a stressful morning. I know I might have missed some peoples cars but I am sure you weren’t overlooked. The day was also very hot. In the photo’s the sun might not be out all the time but there were certain parts of the day where it would break through and just blast everyone with harsh heat. Here’s MR. Jpizz0 chillin under some shade in the park.

DirtyDanz debuted his Kanjo inspired Civic Hatch at the meet. Here you can see our spot at the meet.

JJ’s EF sedan on Enkei Apache II’s.

Made my way down the row’s and this beautiful S14 kouki with a widebody and Work VS-XX’s caught my eye.

Trucks of all different sizes were there in attendance as well.

A lot of the 240sx owners showed up that day. A lot of really clean ones, including this Zenki on Work Eurolines.

The homie Darrion Rotollo’s coupe. I’m still stumped on how those wheels hold air. The crack is insane and the price he got the wheels for is even more insane.

Clean Nissan 350z on Work Emotion CR wheels.

Older gen Mitsubishi Lancer leaving the meet.

Josh’s 240SX fast back with Work Meister’s rolling into the meet.

People rolling in.

Silvia vert following the Nissan mini truck into the lot.

Behind the Silvia vert was this very clean Nissan Altima on what appears to be SSR SP1 wheels.

Red Hachiroku on Watanabe wheels.

Pretty sweet looking paint on this XB. If you move around the paint color change. Kinda like pearlecent paint. Must have been very expensive. Looking good on the Work VS-XX’s

Toyota Starlet on SSR Long Champs.

Jerry and the homies over at 808 Kustoms thought it would be cool to bring the 808 Kustoms Party Bus along! haha. This thing is sick.

Lance’s Hachiroku! This one should be familiar to ya’ll since I post this 86 a lot on my blog.

The all too familiar engine bay.

Caught the homie Ryan rolling in with his hardbody with aggressive wire wheels.

Miata on Klutch Repbulic wheels.

Nice to see people modding vans. This Odyssey on air suspension.

DJ Ramos, Mister D3PHOTO himself rocking authentic Mugen RNR’s on his Midori civic hatch. Thought it’ll be a bit more correct with the 96-98 Front, it’s still a timeless look that’s differentiating him self from the rest of the newer generation of Honda automotive tuning.

The homie Eddy Sabado looking good with the new air suspension set up and the CCW wheels. Holding it down for the Team Showcase fam!

Trey Kobatake’s Civic coupe on BBS RM’s was also there in presence along with the Team Showcase family!

I don’t think i’ve seen him without a red cup in his hand that day. haha

A good friend of mine Juvani Balicoco’s 240sx. He just recently moved here from the Big Island. I’m glad Wyatt is showing him good hospitality and that he got to make it out to his first event out here in Oahu. No better way to welcome a fellow neighbor islander.

Kyle Bello’s GS.

Made my up to the JSPIRIT tent. Like always, Barry Higa’s S14 looking cleaner than ever with the black TE37’s.

Along side was Brad’s agressive S14.

Mark’s 240 fast back that Jay-Aye recently featured on his site.

Work VS-XX in the front

VS-KF in the rear.

Mikal Soriano’s 92 Hilux with Work Meister’s along with his recently completed air suspension.

Zenki 240sx with a staggered 5ZIGEN FN01C’s. These wheels are getting harder and harder to find.

NSX with Work Meisters from the SMG fam!

A pair of Supra’s also with the SMG  fam.

Slammed G35 on 2 different sets of aggressive CCW wheels.

Another shot of Daniel Domingcil’s Kanjo inspired civic hatchback with a B18C1 powerplant. He was strolling around the lot with the Darth Vader mask.

The Underrated Fam with a sick arsenal of vehicles that day.

Red s2000 parked upfront of the SMG tent.

Clean Toyota Corolla.

LS430 with an insane amount of camber.

Affiliated Autoworks homie’s were there in attendance as well!

Sick element!

Adrian Herrera aka G35US’s bagged G35 parked up infront of the Empire VIP tent. For some that don’t remember, I had a shoot with Adrian a while back incase you missed it: G35US .

Mikal’s brother Jeff Soriano’s Hilux. Also on Work Meister’s.

Geoffrey Larosa’s yellow S2000 parked along with the rest of the S2K’s.

Richard pulled up without his front bumper. His bumper isn’t near completion so he decided to make it out to the event without it. Keanu Mosaphir’s 240SX in the background.

People just kept on rolling in all day! The event was bigger than I thought.

Everyone cruising around Brandon’s wagon.

A pair of very clean Kouki s14’s.

Aggressive Diamond Racing Wheels on this convertible Toyota.

Another flick of Mark’s Work wheels set up.

Walked over to the Mansu tent to say whatsup to a few friends of mine. While being there, I took a snap of the homie Timmy Bantolina aka T-Bantolina Productions’s Civic Wagon!

Dyrell’s Bosozoku inspired Toyota. I’m sad that I couldn’t get a shot of the pipes.

Along side Dyrell’s car was Jordan’s old school yota.

Jarreth Arrengo’s IS300.

Scott Chingon’s Hachiroku on a calssic set of Work Equip 03’s.

Henry Nguyen’s Civic coupe on BBS RA’s that was previously on Trey Kobatake’s Civic coupe.

Closing out this post with a shot of Wyatt’s hood. Decided to self promote my self on his Miata. Haha, well in conclusion it was a good meet. Got to see old friends and make new ones. Shoutout to Randy Decal for my stickers and for him walking up to me and saying whatsup. He’s a real humble dude. Another shoutout goes to Scott and Bobby for letting us sit with them. Shoutout to Blaine Labayog for letting me rock the rims, I really did not want to roll on hubcaps homie. Good lookin out! Shoutout to Mikal Soriano for letting me cover this event and one final shoutout to the JSPIRIT crew for making this event happen! Hope to see everyone at the next one.


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