Junkshop Pros: Ultimate Showdown

Happy Monday guys! Today you’ll be seeing  very very short photo coverage that I got at the Junkshop Pro’s Ultimate Showdown event that happened this past weekend at Aloha Stadium. With the JSPIRIT Meet just being a week prior, I already had an idea of who and what will be there. It’s not very healthy for the public to have a show or a pretty big meet happening so close to each other but I guess that’s just how it happened this month. I know there will be one more event coming up and that’s the Almighty Truck Cruise happening this coming saturday but that should be different because a lot of us will be seeing mini trucks.

With that said, I didn’t really have intentions to go but my boss and a few of my friends headed over to Aloha Stadium anyway to show support to our fellow auto enthusiast. Duke over at Freelance also had a booth so we swung by the say whatsup. Since it was kind of a late notice for me, I kinda just picked up the camera and headed over. By the time we arrived, the sun was already heading it’s way down and I didn’t want to bother to pack a tripod. I just got what I could get with the minimal amount of light there was available. I’d have to say, it was the most perfect time to shoot photo’s but the sun wasn’t gunna stay in the same position forever… I had to rush.

Once I entered the event, I was welcomed by Adrian Herrera’s G35 sedan infront of the Morals Fiber booth.

On the opposite end of the booth was Hip’s Mercedes Benz on Leon Hardiritt Orden’s.

Another familiar vehicle that you see here often is Jon Jon Macapagal’s Genesis coupe on the titanium Gramlight 57S Pro’s.

Devin Ando’s Scion FRS on Advan wheels.

Chev’s G35 fresh out of paint. Nice to finally see this thing again. Love the color choice. Reppin Team SFS and Team Sleep!

Got a chance to kick it and say whatsup to my fellow team members. Style Function and Simplicity.

Nice to see one of my favorite S14’s out and about again. My homie Jon Yo got a chance to stretch out it’s 240’s legs and entered the show. Looks a bit more cliche now with the white Work Emotion CR Kai’s but he had a little issue with clear coat chipping so he switched up the look from polished to white.

Patrick Chitlocks Nissan GT-R.

Attending every event like a champ Shingo!

Mikes IS350

Team Foreign Object’s Euro’s.

Simplicity is key. Super clean CRX with a gameboy valve cover.

Kanoe had a chance to bring out his truck to the event. Looking real good on Starion wheels!

Also part of the Toy Trauma fam.

Clean Evo on Work Emotion wheels.

A lot of classic hot rod style cars were there in attendance.

There was also this sweet ass dump truck that looks like it was from the 50’s or 60’s.

Geo’s vert.

Almost the whole Lowrider community was there in attendance that day. There was a very big display of all sorts of low low’s.

The pair of very classic import’s parked next to each other at almost every event.

At this point, the show was already getting wrapped up and everyone was already leaving. I was only there for an hour because like I said… I was invited on such short notice. I really wasn’t planning on attending but it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I was actually stumped at how many stock cars that entered that day. In my honest opinion, a show should be a place to show off hard the work, modifications and dedication you have towards your vehicle. Not a show where you enter a car you just drove off the lot with plasti dipped wheels and tinted windows. People probably see car shows from a different perspective as me. Anyway, i’ma close this post out with a photo of this clean LS430 from the VPR fam. See ya’ll next time!!


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