Sunday Funday

This post was supposed to actually be posted up on Monday morning but I had to gather photo’s that I shot for the homie RJ this past Sunday. Since I had trouble sending the big bulk of photo’s to him Monday night, I didn’t get a chance to really go through what photo’s I had of that day. So for the late post, it’s up tonight. Tuesday. I usually do Monday’s but because of the complications, it was today. I have enough to let ya’ll drool over for the rest of the week. I’ll be updating constantly this up and coming week.

With that being said, let’s get right into it. This past Sunday the Psychotic State Racing guy’s gathered everyone together at the shop and had a big BBQ. A way to get the new members to introduce themselves among st other older members of the club. For some that ain’t familiar with the group, they are a club full of members, newer and older, that are speed and adrenaline junkies. They ain’t afraid to show off what they are about because they are always tearing it up on the weekends.

In this post, you’ll see a lot of familiar cars and faces. Let alone the familiar shop. Gary was nice enough to lend the shop out for the day for everyone to relax and kick back. I had a good time myself. I got to shoot photo’s of the PSR gal’s that RJ, club president, got together. Now for people that have been on my blog constantly and actually read my content, I have never shot any particular individual before. It was my frist time and I was actually really nervous. I tried my best and the outcome you’ll get to see at a later time because i’m still waiting for RJ to get me the photo’s he wants. Maybe i’ll post it at a later time. Since I had no expirence I had the homie Jayson Santonyo known as JZNS2U Photography, to back me up and give me some quick tips on how I should get the shots. On top of that, these girls have never been in front of a camera, modeling before.  The homie Jaz also gave the girl’s a hand on how to position themselves and what not. Not too sure why they haven’t been shot before but they are very beautiful women that are possibly very interested in doing shoots.

Outside, away from the crowd was this clean BB2 Prelude. I’m a sucker for older car’s and I get stoked to see people doing what they can to give it their own flavor.

The small group of the PSR squad out back chillin in the lot.

Jeff Pascual’s real USDM Integra Type R with a JDM front end conversion on SSR Reverse Meshes. This one shouldn’t be familiar as I always hang out with JP in such event’s.

Like always, Richard Li on the grill along with a few other people. Richard whippin up the special Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms!

Back outside. Another shot of the PSR gang’s cars. Honestly, some of the car’s are rough around the edges but these guys aren’t afraid to show everyone that it’s been put to use. These guys are no joke and really do beat on their cars, whether it’s going sideways or going straight. Also peep Derrick’s Domani converted Honda Civic sedan. Clean and unique.

Inside we all got together and had a quick meeting discussing certain product’s Don Nakata offer’s and special type’s of discount’s members of the club can receive through me and Gary.

Cheesy shot of the ever so famous Jayson Santonyo!

Trey Kobatake’s Civic coupe on BBS RM’s…. Sad that the car is getting parted out. It’s had a good run.

Collin and Tina layin it down.

An evo parked along side Trey’s civic. Also part of the PSR Squad

A quick snap of Richard Li’s new toy! He might get a lot of shit for this but it isn’t an actual Ruckus. It’s a clone made by local guys outter-island called the Mad dog… or some shit like that. Somewhere in the matter.

In conclusion, it was a very awesome day. Got to meet new people and got to also hang out with familiar faces. Here’s a shot showcasing the beautiful PSR ladies and my sweaty self. Not normally infront of the camera but I just had to get a photo with some of the nicest people i’ve met. I wanna thank RJ from PSR for the opportunity, Gary Ganotisi for providing the location like always, Jayson Santonyo again for the help with the shoot and Jaz for coordinating and also being infront of the camera. A quick Mahalo to the rest of the ladies that participated that day in the shoot. Photo’s will be up later when RJ get’s back at me…. Till next time, peace.


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