Motor Mavens Meet

I’m glad everything that happened this past weekend is still fresh in my memory. Well… except everything that happened when we drank after spocom, saturday night. I actually just got off work and have some time to update this bitch. Anywhooooooooooooo, this Wednesday Mr. Motor Maven’s, Antonio “Sureshot” himself threw a meet at Cherry On Top in Pearl City. He was in town for Spocom and they covered his visit to the islands so he decided to check out some cars that didn’t get a chance to enter the show. He also wanted to meet with some of the owners.

It was nice chillin with Antonio this past weekend. As we were closing up the shop he actually gave Gary Ganotisi a call and he came down to hang out at the shop for a bit. He gave us some info about the meet and we decided to stroll on by. Of course, this place is possibly the worst spot to have a meet. I mean, it’s a nice big lot but the security guard obviously don’t like us car enthusiast. Don’t know what’s her deal but it’s whatever. Later on in the night we moved over to the WalMart lot across the street to continue the meet. But that’s where my coverage ends. I ended up getting some food at Mcdonalds and sat with friends the rest of the night.

Didn’t even want to take pictures this night. I almost left the camera at home because I thought it was just a small mini meet. I wanted to relax eat some yogurt and chill with Antonio and the gang. Boy! Was I wrong. I arrived to the spot and almost didn’t find parking. Last minute meet’s get bigger than planned meets. I guess, not expecting something to happen is better. I took out the camera and the tripod and got right to it. I was too excited to see old and new friends. First snap of the night was Eddy Sabado’s clean FG2 coupe on air suspension and CCW wheels.

We made sure to show Antonio know that the Hawaii Mini Trucking scene is definitely strong! No better example to set than these 3.

Jeffery Soriano’s 86.

Al “sit on my face” Ramiscal’s Hachiroku.

Kiggity Kel’s dub. He’s also known as Purpz in the mini truckin scene by his purple toyota taco. Pretty cool that he has a universal taste in the automotive scene.

A trio of Euro’s.

Being that Antonio is an 86 freak a lot of the FRS owners came out to show some love. A lot more were at the meet but I really didn’t feel like taking photo’s of all 30 of em.

Reeves’s box looking real good on the new wheel set up.

LRG Auto bug

Possibly my favorite 240 at the meet along side Marky Mark’s fast back.

Mark’s fastback.

TheNightStaff DirtyDanz and Jpizz0 in attendance!

Timmy Bantolina aka TB-Productions Wagon.

David’s sick cress

Crazy looking Miata on aggressive Work CR01’s

Ziggy standing next to his IS300

A pair of very beautiful LS460’s

It felt great to be around fellow car enthusiast and being able to chill how we want. Shoutout to Antonio for throwing down a meet. It was a surprising turn out when it was such a last minute thing. Glad I got to meet new people! See ya next time homies.


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