Build To Enjoy

Ahhhhhh it feels like it was just yesterday when Mikal (owner) Soriano picked up this 1992 Toyota Hilux. I don’t even know how many up’s and downs this truck has been through. Treating the rust, cutting up the bed, blowing out the clutch, drifting corners, breaking the air bag, late night garage sessions just turning wrenches…. but hey we all have a ton of those stories. I’d share all of em but then i’d just be wasting your time because it’s stuff like that where it had to require you to be there.

Mikal has fused the style of old school JDM and Mini trucking. The 17 inch Work Meisters sit just perfect on the truck. It gives it that timeless vibe to it. Something you can find in an old school Drift Tengoku magazine in the “extra features” section.

I’m not a “know it all” when it comes to mini truckin but the 4 Runner front end conversion seems to be popular in the Toyota truck scene. It’s a great move because the front ends look way more aggressive and it tucks the Work Meisters better than your mom tucking you into bed at night back when you were 2 years old. The converted front end kinda gives it that beefy look. Matches the bed of the truck.

Again, not to be a “know it all” but Air Suspension is also another popular thing in the Mini Truckin community. People go ape shit over the stupid debate between “air and static”. Who fucking cares. It’s good fun anyway. The rear of the truck is sitting on just air shocks while the front has been converted to a full air bag system. Mikal has a deep past in lowriders so hitting switches is nothing new to him. He hasn’t built any low riders but he’s been around em for as long as he can remember.

The “WOW” factor about this truck is the old school Bosozoku inspired blast pipes sticking out by the side of his bed. It trips everyone out at meet’s and also while we’re chillin. It was actually just a few nights ago when we pulled into Sikdorak and the parking attendant was all like “Holly shit, is that your exhaust bro?”. Mikal just nodded his head and proceeded through with his business. There’s a shit ton of similar stories to that but you get the point.

Mikal has always been loyal to the Section-D fam as he himself and his close friends have a lot of history in Toyota’s and Drifting.

If you don’t know him, then you’ll probably think Mikal leaves this at home in his garage and only stunts on occasion. I’d be lying to you if I told you that the statement you had in your head is true. Now you’ll probably hear the same old story of the “daily driven” chronicles. But yes, this is another cliche story of a daily driven vehicle. 7 days a week this thing is out and about. Mikal has taken a few turns with me in the truck and im there holding on for dear life. It’s funny now that the Meisters are at risk of damage. With that being said, he’s taking em off and putting on daily wheels. Bitch move? Don’t think so because he’s already done gnarly shit with the Meisters on. Why drop in the stage 1 cams? Why have the super light weight fly wheel? Why have the center force stage 2 clutch? Because he feels that it’s just another and  better way to enjoy his good ol mini truck. Have a good weekend guys.


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