Jaylord’s Scion XA

Late on this but who cares. It’s up now. Better late than never. I vividly remember this Sunday afternoon. It felt great to actually sleep in on my day off. Working 6 days a week takes a toll on my body and I can’t really do things i’d like to do like before, like shooting photo’s. I was itching to shoot some new content for my blog for a while now. Event coverage get’s boring at times because, SURPRISE! we live on an island and we have the same ol cars. That’s why I don’t cover event’s that are dated really close to each other. I’d like to give it some time till I see different builds. Well… here you go. Something different.

Mikal hit me up Sunday afternoon because he wanted to go get some food to cure the infamous “Saturday Night Hangover” We’ve all been through way too many of those. He scooped me up from my crib and he got a call from Jay that he wanted to come a long also because they were at the same party and were recovering.

While talking over some pho noodles at tripple 7, Jay thought about shooting photo’s of his car. I was more than down because I figure i’d update the site and try out some rolling shots. I love doing rollo’s and I feel like I always need to throw one in for every update…. haha.

It was set. We had our pho and ended up shooting some photo’s.

We were making fun of Jay as he was airing down the car. We were praising the JAY LOWERED.

I always feel like simplicity is key but there’s nothing wrong with going crazy sometimes. As for Jay, he kept it simple. He has a few thing’s coming in very soon so you’ll probably be back here looking at a big change when I shoot photo’s of it again.

Jay actually got these wheels a long time ago but recently put it on the car. I sold him the tires and mounted at my work place for him. 16″ AME Shallens.

Glad to see Jay rocking the shop sticker. We’ve shown nothing but love to him and his wheels so it’s nice to see him showing the same type of love back by proudly rocking the brand. If anyone is interested in some stickers, Hit me up!!!

Be sure to check back in later this week! Might have some new stuff for ya’ll. Aloha!!!!!!


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