Gary Ganotisi’s 2JZ Powered Vert

It’s been a minute since i’ve been on here, but i’m back with an update that i’m more than happy to share with you guys! A lot of you guys know that Gary and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas back in November. Sema was going on the time we were there but Gary wanted to utilize the two week trip to test drive and fine tune the 2 year build that recently has ended its journey of becoming a competition car. A lot of custom fabrication has been done to the car and you’ll get to see that as we dig deeper into the photo’s.

We arrived at McCarran International Airport roughly around 8am Sunday morning on the 3rd of November. Our stay in Vegas would last us till the 16th of November, meaning it was going to be a 2 week trip. Knowing that Sema was going to be taking a lot of our time, we didn’t hesitate to rush over to Ross Petty’s shop, Garage Boso, and start doing some inspection…. and of course some drifting.

A shot of Ross moving his Nissan Stagea out of the shop to make some room for Gary’s new S13.4 Vert to take a quick breath.

I had no words to describe how much work was put in into this car. It really takes group effort to complete something of this caliber. Ross, Gary, Forrest and a bunch of other helping hands definitely had put in a ton of hours to finish this car. As you see, the fenders still aren’t painted, the trunk wasn’t mounted and the car doesn’t have a hood. Getting those parts on were basically the last leg of the build. No  short cuts were taken in this build. Gary got straight to work on his fenders and trunk when we got there.

Being a painter and custom fabricator, he already knew what to do to make the car come together aesthetically. He painted the whole car himself so it would only be right to get the fenders and trunk done by himself also.

A lot of you may have already seen it on my IG post’s but here’s a quick shot of Ross’s Stagea that he recently got rid of a few days before we left Vegas. He owned this car for a good minute till he decided to sell it to one of the Junkhouse, formally known as The Risky Devil, guys out in the East Coast. At least I got to ride in it at least once. I couldn’t pass up the once in a lifetime chance. Who knows when i’ll ever come across one of these in person again, yet a lone take a quick spin in it.

A shot of all the pieces in the shop waiting to dry.

I took advantage of the time being while the trunk was off and drying up to get a shot of the custom fuel cell.

Stance suspension.

All custom welded up.

Couldn’t forget the “Money Shot” as some would call it. 2JZGTE Power plant with an upgraded GT40 Turbo.

Parts were put together and it was just about time to start smashing on the car at the get nuts lab. Enjoy the video!

The Toyota Powered 240’s!

As soon as the week ended it was time to take the car out on a nice cruise through the strip of Las Vegas. No hood, no roof, no license plate, no registration…. shieeet.. Cops could care less. He coulda got away with it by saying it was a Sema Car…. hahaha

Here’s the final shot I got of the car. This was the day before we left to come back home. The homies over at STR racing hooked us up with some wheels that we will be using for competition this coming January. Hopefully I’ll get to cover the event by then! Anyway, have a good week guys!


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