When It Rains, It Pours

I can’t even seem to fathom what has been going on recently. First of all, the weather has been super shitty. With that, it’s been putting me in a super shitty mood. I can’t seem to have a clear mind. My brain is always wandering off into other things and I can’t seem to stay focused. The weird thing is that deep down secretly inside, I notice a lot of my friends probably feel the same way. It’s just that we don’t acknowledge each other about it because we have that mentality of keeping things to our selves. Hate to sound like an emo girl but i’m just trying to decipher whats been happening lately.

What does my post have to do with these photos? Well. I think after an incident like this, it makes you start to wonder about what the fuck you are going to do about the issues you have just encountered. Think about the two drivers that were involved in this accident…. You think they have a clear mind right now? Issues arise when bumping into problems like this. Financial stability, a new car, health issues and all that is obviously a big factor but it’s things in your head that really get to you. You think these guys can look at a wet tunnel the same?

I don’t think I can keep up with all the shit that i’ve been coming across personally in my own life.. I really hope the rest of the year won’t go on like this. Maybe I need to organize my priorities a bit and knock it off one by one. Or maybe  I just need more rest, I’ve been losing sleep more and more because of the stress my issues are causing. I’m not sick or mental or anything. I just have a lot of things to check off my check list.

Anyway, you are probably reading this because I told you to or because you obviously have too much time on your hands. I doubt anyone will read this. I need to close this post out because it’s 6am. I have a lot more photo’s to dump onto here but I don’t know why anything isn’t getting done…. maybe i’m lazy or…

… maybe it’s the weather.


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